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Specialists in the installation of microchips for cats on Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Located in Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood, the Clinique Vétérinaire Féline handles inserting microchips for cats.

We can provide any necessary information regarding travelling with your cat by plane, through North America, Europe... Our clinic is not far from Ville-Marie.


Use a microchip to clearly identify your pet! This mechanism contains all the necessary information to contact a pet’s owner, transmitting data both quickly and accurately. If your cat has been missing for some time, the database associated with the microchip makes it possible to identify your furry friend as quickly as possible. Make an appointment at the clinic for more information about the benefits of microchip-use and the necessary implanting procedures.

A system to quickly and accurately identify your pet

Installation de micropuces Ville-Marie
Installation de micropuces Le Plateau-Mont-Royal


Use microchip technology to help find a lost cat or kitten! Made of biologically inert materials, the microchips are sterilized and individually packaged. The technology is very safe and the chips themselves don’t pose any danger to your pet’s health. You can fully trust our team to handle the insertion process according to all regulatory standards. When done properly, the microchip will stay in place, even over time, allowing pet owners to confidently rely on this advanced technology.

Efficiently identifying your cat in any situation

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4102 Rue Saint-Denis


Montréal - H2W 2M5

(514) 284-3178